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High Blood Pressure Continued Article


Commonly prescribed calcium channel-blockers for high blood pressure (e.g. Norvasc) increase the risk of dying by heart attack by 8 times, cancer by 2 times and suicide by 5 times.  100 pills of Norvasc cost you $190 but it cost the manufacturer just $0.14 per pill for the active ingredient. If a person has isolated systolic hypertension (the top number); then, there isn’t evidence to support treating this or any particular level of systolic pressure. Also, the condition of hypertension needs to be carefully determined.  There should be multiple checking of pressure because it can vary. 

The body raises the blood pressure for a reason in the same way that it creates a fever.  Removing the high blood pressure without removing the underlying cause can be dangerous.  Current orthodoxy and the pharmaceutical companies do exactly that.  They remove the symptom but not the cause which can result in death. Lastly, if a person has mildly elevated blood pressure; it’s probably wiser to just stop smoking instead of getting treatment. 

If your blood pressure is sometimes in a high range and sometimes normal, that is not considered high blood pressure.  In order to say it is high, it must read high consistently. It has been estimated that one-fourth to one-half of the population in the U.S. have high blood pressure.  These people run a greater risk of experiencing a stroke, heart attack, or sudden death. 

All these people can lower their risk by their choice of diet which is the most effective natural cure for high blood pressure.  The major reason people get high blood pressure is because of bad diet.  In a few short years, a person can put themselves at risk by eating foods rich in fat and salt.  The solution is to switch to a low-fat, low-sodium, no-cholesterol, and high-potassium diet.  This is basically a starch–based diet.  This diet will allow your blood to flow better within hours.  You will be stopping the process of fats coating the blood cells causing them to sticking together.  In a matter of hours, the blood spasms in your blood vessels will go away.  After the sludging and spasm activity ends; your blood pressure usually regains normalcy within a couple of days.   The information in this post including the many studies that back the facts stated here can be found on the website of Dr. John McDougall MD.  



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