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Multiple Sclerosis Cause and Cure



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Multiple Sclerosis and Root Cause

Multiple sclerosis and all other autoimmune diseases are manifestations of the same root cause.  In one person it manifests as multiple sclerosis and in another it manifests as arthritis.  Here is a partial list of these sibling diseases.



Crohn’s disease

Ulcerative colitis



Rheumatoid arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis



Pernicious anemia

Multiple sclerosis


Inflammatory arthritis


Diabetes type 1


Diet as Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Roy Swank published many studies in major medical journals the 1950’s in which he stopped the progression and reversed the symptoms of multiple sclerosis using dietary changes alone.  Here is a quote from Dr. Swank, “Gluttony and chronic degenerative diseases have been linked in the minds of both laymen and scientists for many years.  The saying, “To dig your grave with your teeth” probably has its origin in antiquity, but in the prosperous areas of the Western world during the past few decades, the maxim has taken on real and tragic meaning.”

Dr. Swank passed away a few years ago at the age of 97.  Before he passed away, he made a written legal statement authorizing Dr. John McDougall, MD, to carry on his work.  Dr. McDougall had been a student of Dr. Swank during the latter part of Dr. Swank’s life.  Currently Dr. McDougall is directing a large study regarding the relationship between diet and multiple sclerosis at the University of Oregon Health and Sciences University (the medical school in Portland). 

The areas of the globe that have a diet based on starch (little or no eggs, dairy or meat) multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases do not exist at all or are extremely rare.  A few of these areas are Africa, rural South America and Asia.  When the inhabitants of these parts of the world move to a western area and begin eating the western diet high in processed foods, fat and animal products, they also begin to have the same diseases.  The shows that genetics is not the cause.  It is diet. 

Multiple Sclerosis and Animal Proteins

Animal proteins that have found their way into our bloodstream are the causes of all autoimmune diseases.  These foreign animal substances find their way into our bloodstream by “leaking” through the small intestine.  Leaky gut syndrome is the name of this condition.  When a small intestine is working properly, the villi (hairlike protrusions on the inside of the small intestine) absorb nutrients in the food.  The can also determine what should be absorbed and in what quantity.  Remarkably, these villi can even decide how much of what nutrients should be absorbed and when.  They are very intelligent.  If you are low on calcium, the villi in your small intestine will increase the absorption of calcium.  If you have too much copper, they will decrease the absorption of that metal. 

Certain variables can cause the villi to become damaged.  They could be damaged by a virus or by an improper diet.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprophen can severly damage the delicate villi and so these pain medications should be avoided.  Use aspirin instead.  When damaged, the villi can no longer direct the absorption of nutrients.  This allows animal protiends from diary products, eggs or meat to pass straight into the blood stream before they have been properly processed by our digestion. 

Multiple Sclerosis and Runaway Antibodies

These foreign animal proteins are seen as invaders – something that shouldn’t be there and the immune system steps forward to consume and eliminate them.  The first step in the process is for the body to create antibodies.  These are designed for each specific type of protein and latch onto them like a key fitting into a lock. To put it another way, our bodies put a big red flag on the foreign substances and mark them for removal.  The cells of the immune system see these markers and they attack to destroy the intruders.  Our continuous eating of these animal products causes the body to manufacture more and more antibodies.  Before long our blood is swarming with these antibodies and this condition remains as long as we continue to eat the animal proteins. 

Here is where the problem arises.  There are so many antibodies that they begin to attach to our own cells and proteins.  The antibodies will attack different parts of the body depending on the individual.  In the case of multiple sclerosis, intake of fat causes the blood cells to clump together also decreasing oxygen efficiency by up to 20%.  This allows the blood-brain-barrier to weaken allowing these antibodies into the brain.  Once in the brain they attach to the myelin or protective sheath of the nervous system.  Multiple sclerosis is the result.  Dr. McDougall gives an outstanding presentation of this process which you can watch on line.  Click here to watch Dr. McDougall on Multiple Sclerosis.

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