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Muscle Strain Acupuncture Points 


 Diagram of muscle strain acupuncture points

These points are general points good for any type of strain.  They may be stimulated with pressure from your finger, from the erasure end of a pencil or a rounded off wooden dowel (acupressure). These points may also be treated with heat (moxibustion), needles or with an electric acupuncture device.

GV26  On a vertical line between the upper lip and the nose, go two-thirds of the way up from the upper lip towards the nose.

CV24  At the very middle between the point of the chin and the lower lip.

GB34  From the protruding head of the fibula bone, on the inside of the lower half of the knee, go down the width of two fingers.

LI1  On the index finger, a quarter inch from the bottom corner of the nail base toward the outside of the finger.

LI4  On the highest center of the muscle that protrudes when the extended thumb is pressed into the index finger.

In addition, one may use an electrical acupuncture device to stimulate randomly around the muscle strain.

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