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Genital Herpes Natural Remedies and Home Remedies



A good natural remedy to treat the symptoms of genital herpes is to make a hot bath and add some oatmeal.  Take some oatmeal and fill the inside of a pantyhose.  Then, put the oatmeal in the bath and squeeze it over the affected areas.  This is an excellent home remedy for genital herpes and will really help relieve the itching and also help to heal up condition. 


Garlic Natural Remedy for Genital Herpes

A great natural home remedy to prevent genital herpes involves taking daily doses of a garlic supplement.  The garlic supplements are without odor and are really good for your overall health.  You can get them almost anywhere.  If you start taking these supplements; you shouldn’t have very many outbreaks because garlic is an antiviral ingredient.  My friend suggested this and it has worked great!


I’m eight months pregnant and was recently diagnosed as having genital herpes.  I guess that the stress of being pregnant brought it on.  In fact, I may need to have a C-section because of this.  My doctor has recommended that I take a hot bath with oatmeal/aveano.  He said to avoid using any ointments because they would protect the skin and keep it moist which is bad for herpes.  I’m going to try this tonight and wanted you to know about it. I hope it works!


Hydrogen Peroxide Home Remedy

I’ll share a home remedy with you that worked wonders for me.  It has worked so well that it’s been four years since my last outbreak.  My first outbreak had me deathly ill and I had to se my doctor.  After researching on the web I found information about using hydrogen peroxide.  I use a 5% solution that I buy at the drug store.  Whenever I can feel the tingling of an outbreak begin I used the peroxide as a douche.  The hydrogen peroxide kills harmful bacteria and virus that tries to cause harm.  The good type of bacteria that is in the vagina isn’t affected.


 After two weeks of pain and burning and feeling deathly sick from an outbreak of genital herpes; I found a book at the book store on home remedies for genital herpes.  One of these home remedies worked really well for me.  First you take a hot bath for about twenty minutes and then lightly dry after you get out.  Next take some baking soda and water and make a paste.  Use a Q-tip and cover the affected areas.  This will help dry up the areas and ease the pain as the condition starts healing up.  You should repeat this about three times a day.


Epsom Salt

I’ve come across some natural remedies for genital herpes that I’ll pass along.  The first one is to take a hot bath with Epsom salt in it to alleviate itching.  Also, apple cider vinegar helps with the pain and can be used in the douche process when diluted.  Using tea tree oil is also good to use and will shorten the time span for healing.  Baking soda is good for taking care of the itching.  I also saw a study in Germany that revealed that lemon balm essential oil is the best natural remedy.  It apparently gets rid of the outbreaks within a couple of days.


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