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Hemorrhoid Natural Cures & Natural Home Remedies 



Vinegar Wipes

If you are searching for a home remedy to heal and cure your hemorrhoids you will be pleased to know that a simple and easy cure is in your refrigerator. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent home remedy for hemorrhoids. I take baby wipes and pour apple cider vinegar all over them making sure they are saturated in the vinegar. I then use the wipes on my hemorrhoids at least 4 times throughout the day. It stings a little but after the stinging subsides you feel great relief!


Yarrow Tea

This gentle and effective natural remedy for hemorrhoids will help you a lot. I take yarrow tea, or Lady’s Mantle tea which it is sometime called and I steep it for a while. Then I take cotton balls and dip them in the steeped tea and then apply the cotton ball to my hemorrhoids. I do this 4-5 times throughout the day.


Cayenne and Garlic Enemas

One way to relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids is to do a cayenne or garlic enema. This home cure for hemorrhoids works from the inside out helping to relieve the pain. I would be cautious in the amount of cayenne and/or garlic you use in your enema. A little goes a long way!


Cotton Underwear

It is important to keep your anus dry and free from moisture while treating hemorrhoids. Wearing cotton underwear is a natural cure for hemorrhoids and helps you to keep dry and all the while allow your lower area to breathe. Make sure you drink a lot of water and fluids and eat extra fiber. The more constipated you are the worse your hemorrhoid condition will be!


Reducing Salt Intake

Salt intake can lead to fluid retention in your body and therefore make your hemorrhoid condition much worse because the blood vessels in your anus will swell depending upon how much salt you are eating. While you are suffering from hemorrhoids I suggest reducing your salt intake and increasing water and fluid consumption as a home remedy for hemorrhoids.


Lying on Left Side for Pregnant Women

Since people who are overweight or pregnant have more pressure on their anus it is very likely that you may periodically suffer from hemorrhoids. Pregnant women need to rest on their left side for 20 minutes at a time to help relieve the pressure on their anus.


Psyllium Seeds

A great way to help naturally cure hemorrhoids is to add psyllium seeds to your diet slowly. Hemorrhoids are caused by lack of fiber and psyllium delivers fiber in spades! The first week take a teaspoon of psyllium seeds or ground psyllium and add to one full glass of water at breakfast. The second week add a glass at lunch time and the third week add one glass at dinner. If you take this three times a day you will see your hemorrhoids disappear over time naturally!


Stone Root Extract

Taking stone root extract daily will help to strengthen the internal anus veins and glands and in turn be a home cure for hemorrhoids.


Cayenne Pepper

I have read numerous remedy pages in search for a natural remedy for my hemorrhoid problem. I kept reading about the benefits of taking cayenne pepper. I did not particularly wish to drink the powder in water so I purchased some capsules at the natural health food store. I started taking them and within a day my hemorrhoids were improving. I was shocked. I now have started mixing a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in water and drink the solution daily. Cayenne pepper is a natural remedy for hemorrhoids and other health conditions!


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