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Cystitis Natural Treatments & Remedies



Cystitis Natural Remedies

At the first feeling of cystitis, start drinking lots of water.  Stay away from coffee and alcohol as they serve as an irritant to the lining of the bladder.  It can be helpful to add a quarter teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to each cup or glass of water to create a more alkaline environment.  Avoid acidic foods including tomatoes, gooseberries, fruit that is not yet ripe and vinegar.  When cystitis is recurring, look closely at clothing.  Pants, blue jeans and trousers should not be too tight.  Stay away from deodorants on the vaginal area.  If you have been taking antibiotics, take a good probiotic capsule to replenish the helpful bacteria in your gut.  You can also mix a little of the probiotic with water and apply it topically to the vaginal area.  Probiotics are one of the best home remedies for cystitis.

Cystitis Chinese Natural Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine describes two of the most common conditions for cystitis. One is Kidney and Spleen deficiency and this is rooted in emotional stress, menopause, pregnancy, aging and chronic ailments. The other is Damp Heat in the body.  The accumulation of Damp Heat can be brought about by consuming alcohol, food high in sugars and fats, hot spices, some medications and poor personal cleanliness.  Many Chinese traditional herbal formulae deliver very potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties yet they are very safe to take over long periods of time.  In China today, both herbal formulae and antibiotics are prescribed in the treatment of infections in the urinary tract.  However, there is general concensus that natural herbal treatments are best when the infections is chronic and recurring.

Damp Heat Pattern

Symptoms are a rapid or soggy pulse, a yellow sticky coating on the tongue, constipation, vomiting, nausea, a taste of bitterness in the mouth, reversing episodes of chills and fever, sensitivity to putting pressure on the lower abdomen, urine that has a milky-yellow or cloudy look, burning pain when urinating and a frequent and intense desire to urinate.  Herbs that stimulate increase urination thus relieving the symptoms are dianthus (Qu Mei), knot grass (Bian Xu), plantain (Che Qian Zi) and akebia stem (Mu Tong).  One of the most commonly used formulas for this is Ba Zheng San which means Uterine Tract Clearing.

Kidney Spleen Deficiency Pattern

Chronic deficiencies are most commonly caused by an untreated or poorly treated health problem, slow recovery from childbirth or surgery, prolonged use of drugs that suppress immunity, and long standing ailments.  Symptoms of this deficiency pattern include weak pulse, pale tongue, vertigo, feeling tired, lower back pain, intermittent fever, recurring infection, urine flows in spurts, sporadic urination, a dull aching pain when urinating, getting up frequently in the night to urinate and dribbling.  Herbs that are a good cystitis natural treatment for this pattern are the Spleen tonics poria (Fu Ling), and dioscorea (Shan Yao).  Kidney tonics include schizandr fruit (Wu Wei Zi), cuscuta seed (Tu Si Zi), cornus fruit (Shan Zhu Yu) and rehmannia (Di Huang).  The two most commonly used herbal formulae for Kidney Spleen deficiency are Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan (UrinClearing) and Wu Bi Shan Yao Wan (dioscorea formula).


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