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Facial Paralysis Natural Treatments



The best homeopathic treatment for facial paralysis that progresses gradually is causticum.  Facial paralysis that should be treated with causticum will occur mainly on the right side of the face.  The skin may appear pale.


A homeopathic remedy that works wonders is Gelsemium sempervirens.


If facial paralysis is accompanied with severe constipation, a homeopathic remedy that is safe and effective homeopathic treatment is Plumbum metallicum.


If you find that your facial paralysis is more severe at night, or if it is somwhat alleviated when you shift positions, then you may benefit from Rhus toxicodendron, which is a great homeopathic treatment.


When facial paralysis occurs only on one side and you feel pain or tension in the other cheek (this can worsen when you open your mouth), then you should look no further than the home remedy cocculus.  Facial paralysis like this is amplified by lack of sleep or stress. 


Another homeopathic home remedy for facial paralysis is dulcamara.  This is especially effective if the facial paralysis is only on one side of the face and speech is difficult.  Dulcamara is a great homeopathic treatment when facial paralysis occurs after being exposed to cold and rainy weather.  If you find that you develop this type of facial paralysis, you may also be inclined to have frequent sinusitis, allergies and back pain.


For someone with one sided (typically on the left) facial paralysis that is irritable, agitated, impatient and extremely sensitive to smells, sounds and light, nux vomica will prove to be a wonderful facial paralysis treatment. 


If facial paralysis causes one eyebrow to raise, it can usually be treated homeopathically with platinum.  This person will likely also have numbness throughout the body, most specifically in the lips and cheeks.


In Chinese medicine, facial paralysis can be effectively treated by placing a walnut on the eye.  Then, the ears should be filled with dry moxa leaves.  The leaves are then ignited. 

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