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Hypothyroid Natural Treatments & Natural Home Remedies



Cayenne Pepper

I have to thank the people who sent me the home remedy for hypothyroid. I now am using cayenne pepper as you suggested and my hypothyroid is so much better!


Coconut Oil Remedy

I was feeling super exhausted and almost like I was coming down with the flu. I am a busy mother of two young children so I attributed my lethargic energy to just the fact my life is very busy. Then I started getting much worse and I found myself having to lie down and rest before I took on any task. I decided to make an appointment with a naturopath. The naturopath did a number of blood tests and they came back with results showing I was hypothyroid. My naturopath began giving me iodine liquid as a supplement as well as coconut oil. I used the coconut oil as a natural treatment for my hypothyroid both internally and externally. I take about 1 teaspoon of coconut oil mixed in water and with a little honey each day. I increased it a little bit over a week’s time and by the end of the week I was feeling incredibly better. I used to have a brain fog and be so exhausted and now my normal energy is almost 100 percent back.


More Coconut Oil Natural Remedies

I have been struggling with hypothyroidism for many years now. I have taken the synthroid in the past but decided to try the natural route. I have battled severe fatigue and weight loss. I began using coconut oil a couple years ago. I started with half a tablespoon a day but had an upset stomach and bad diarrhea so I went down to ¾ a table spoon and I did much better. I ended up getting blood tests and they reflected that I had switched to hyperthyroid. So now I am taking even less to help balance my thyroid which is near perfect now.


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I have been taking extra virgin coconut oil for three years now. I only take a tablespoon a day. Before taking this wonderful home remedy for hypothyroidism I experienced non-stop fatigue and brain fog. I would actually get lost when driving home from work because I had such a difficult time concentrating. I was usually a super artistic and creative individual but due to the hypothyroid I felt so lethargic and worn down until I began taking the coconut oil. My life has changed so dramatically since taking coconut oil that I think I am quite dependent on it and would never want to go back to my old life of feeling so tired and out of sorts.


Another Coconut Oil Hypothyroid Natural Treatment

I have had hypothyroidism for so very long now and have tried a number of different medications including synthroid and cytomel. I was taking a large dose of these medications for over 6 years until I finally was able to stop them after I discovered the natural treatment of using coconut oil for hypothyroidism. The coconut oil has totally changed my life for the better. I sleep so well and I am naturally warm whereas before I was always cold. I eat small meals and have lost over ten pounds. I feel so good. I have to say that the reason I am feeling so much better is due to the coconut oil. I take two tablespoons in the morning at breakfast time and then one tablespoon at lunch and another at dinner. I really recommend taking coconut oil if you suffer from hypothyroid.


Fluoride Problem

I think that the problem of hypothyroidism exists due to the chronic consumption of fluoride through our use of toothpaste. Flourniated water; toothpaste and anti depressants such as Prozac are fluoride based. Also antibiotics such as Cipro contain fluoride. A natural remedy for hypothyroidism is to avoid fluoride consumption.



B-12 is a fantastic natural treatment for hypothyroid. B-12 is readily absorbed into our blood system through injection or through sublingual. I do not like the commercial B complex’s on the market because many of them are petroleum based and this can have a very negative impact on our DNA over a period of time.B-12 helps our body to have more energy and also deal with stress.


Primrose Oil

Primrose oil is really good helping hypothyroidism. Primrose oil contains essential fatty acids that really help the thyroid gland remain healthy.


Herbs Hypothyroid Home Remedy

Agnus Castus is an herb that has been used for ages as a home remedy for treatment of a hypothyroid. If you have abnormal estrogen levels this herb helps to regulate the estrogen thus helping the thyroid. Agnus castus also helps our pituitary gland.



If you are searching for a natural treatment for helping your thyroid then I really think you should add nettles to your diet. Nettles have a high iodine content which really helps hypothyroid. You can find nettles in a number of different forms including tea.



If you are looking for a natural remedy for hypothyroid I suggest trying homeopathy. There are over 197 different homeopathy medicines that can truly help ease the symptoms of hypothyroid. Since each person is very unique it is very important that you find a homeopathic doctor to help diagnose which homeopathic medicine as a natural treatment and remedy for hypothyroid is right for you. I found a wonderful article written by a homeopathic doctor who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in homeopathic medicines and hypothyroid.


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