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Ovarian Cancer Natural Home Remedies & Treatments


Green Peppers

Eating green peppers is one good way to fight cancer and win. Green peppers have a mineral in them called quercetin which is a very powerful anti-cancer agent. The quercetin stops the chemical signals of the cancer cells so that way they stop growing and revert in size. Quercetin also comes in supplement form and you can take it on a daily basis with all your vitamins and minerals. When taking quercetin you should take one hundred and twenty five milligrams to two hundred and fifty milligrams a day. Apples and onions are also high in quercetin. If you have ovarian cancer, it is good to have the larger dose that is available as a supplement.


Astragalus Natural Remedy

Astragalus is a supplement that gives your immune system a boost so that it can fight cancer. This supplement aides the chemical interleukin-2 which is the main chemical your body uses to fight off cancer and HPV. You can find this supplement in the supplement section at your local health food store. You should take five hundred to three thousand milligrams three times a day. Make sure to do this every day for the rest of your life because once the cancer is gone, you should still take it for future prevention.



Espinheira Santa

One great find in the battle with ovarian cancer is Espinheira Santa which a small shrub tree plant that is found in South America and Brazil. This tree has been used by holistic healers for hundreds of years for curing all sorts of illnesses including ovarian cancer. You use a supplement from the tree to make a tea that you drink three times a day. This will shrink the tumors caused by the ovarian cancer and reverse their growth until they disappear. Just take one to two teaspoons of the supplement and boil it in water for five to ten minutes. Once it has been boiling for the right amount of time remove the tea from the heating source and let it cool off for five minutes before you drink it. Make sure to do this natural treatment every day until there are no more tumors and cancer cells. Then keep drinking the tea so you can prevent the cancer from coming back.


Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is one natural remedy that really works in curing ovarian cancer. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells and prevents angiogenesis from happening. Angiogenesis is the process of growing new blood vessels to feed the replicating cancer cells.  The experts recommend that you take four hundred to a thousand milligrams or more a day to cure yourself of cancer.



Consuming carotenoids will help in overcoming cancer. These little things are found mostly in vegetables that are colored orange, red, or green. Carotenoids are a great alternative to chemo therapy and they will not have the side effects that chemo does. This is one good method of naturally curing your ovarian cancer. You can also use carotenoids as a supplement for vitamin A because your body will need everything it can get to fight cancer.  Carotenoids are converted to vitamin A by the body.


Bad Habits

One way you can increase your chances of defeating cancer is by stopping all bad habits. The bad habits I am talking about are drinking, smoking, fast food, candy, and caffeine. Sure these things are hard to give up but are they as hard as giving up your life to cancer? Alcohol is one of the worst things you can drink when you have ovarian cancer because it gives you no nutrition and it weakens your immune system thus allowing the cancer cells to grow. Tobacco can not only cause issues for your breathing but it will disturb your hormones, cause your cancer to worsen and help it spread throughout your body. Tobacco can also create different types of cancer in addition to your ovarian cancer. Candy and Caffeine may not be as bad as tobacco and alcohol but they can be trouble for your body too when it is fighting cancer. These two items don’t give you and nutrition or nourishment that your body needs while going through cancer treatments and can weaken your body even more. You just need to quit your bad habits so that you can help your body heal.


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