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Arthritis Natural Remedies & Home Remedies


Olive Oil & Kerosene

An effective natural remedy for arthritis is to massage affected joints with 2 parts of olive oil mixed with 1 part kerosene.


Arthritis Natural Remedy with Diet

There are two kinds of arthritis: inflammatory and degenerative.  We most often refer to degenerative arthritis as osteoarthritis which is best treated with dietary change, weight loss, glucosamine and acupuncture.  The most common forms of inflammatory arthritis are ankylosing spondylitis, Lupus, psoriatic and, most commonly, rheumatoid arthritis.  The inflammatory forms of arthritis are very responsive to a low-fat vegan diet as taught by Dr. John McDougall, M.D., who is a board certified internist.  To be specific, within 4 weeks of having started on the diet, about 70 percent of those who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis will have dramatic recoveries and frequently a cure.  The diet is easy to follow and it must be followed exactly. When you begin to improve, you can cut back and then stop your medications.  Click here to go to Dr. McDougall’s web site to find out how easy it is to get well.



Guggul Gum

Guggul gum is one of the most famous of ayurvedic herbs and is very useful home remedy in treating arthritis.  Each day after meals, take ½ teaspoon in warm water.


Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey in warm water as a good natural remedy for arthritis.



I find that in your daily life if you maintain a moderate amount of exercise, this is a home remedy that will help reduce stiffness from arthritis.



As a home remedy for arthritis, make sure you include many minerals in your daily diet.  There are two minerals that I recommend.  They are bone meal and dolomite.  Also take oat straw to help aid the body in absorbing these minerals.


Starch Based Natural Remedy

My life was very miserable until around 5 years ago. Very little was working my way.  Late in 1990 I was given a diagnosis of degenerative arthritis and spinal stenosis. I was categorized as permanently disabled causing me to leave my career as a journalist for a daily newspaper.  My doctor handed me an extraordinary gift. She suggested that I try the McDougall program (Google Dr. John McDougall, MD).  At first I dismissed her advice feeling that I was already eating a very good diet limited to shell fish, dairy and white meats.  Only those!  She didn’t push me knowing that she would have to wait for me to ponder the situation and her suggestion.  I waited a whole two years!  Then, she again suggested I try the McDougall program.  I replied that I just didn’t have any faith that it would do me any good.  However, I did reluctantly agree to give it a two month trial.  I was carrying an extra 100 pounds and most of my life I had been this overweight.  All that spare baggage had cause a lot of wearing on my joints.  Two years later, I am a total devotee!

My migraine headaches completely and forever stopped.  Sleep came easily and soundly.  All my digestive problems such as indigestion came to an end.  The weight began to fall off.  It was really a whole lot easier than I had expected.  Prior to going on the McDougall program my weight loss was slow and laborious.  When I went on the McDougall diet I lost weight in a big way.  Six months into the program and my friends and family were commenting saying things like I looked ten years younger.  I got a lot of comments saying how great I looked and asking what was my secret.  My painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are a thing of the past.  My lower back and knees are virtually without any pain whatsoever.  What I have since discovered is that it is hard to convince others that relief from something so debilitating can be as simple as a careful diet and exercise.  Everyone is brainwashed into thinking there has to be a magic pill or some high tech solution.  Diet is the best natural remedy for arthritis.


Walnuts & Coconut

To ease the pain of arthritis, I say to eat some walnuts and/or fresh coconut.  Do this while on an empty stomach.


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