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Ear Infection Natural Home Remedies & Natural Home Cures



Avoid Meat & Dairy

I have a friend that had constant recurring ear infections her whole life.  She was about 30 when she went to see a Chinese doctor.  He told her to stop eating meat and dairy.  When she did, her ear infections stopped.  Whenever she would backslide, her ears would start to hurt. This is a natural home cure for ear infections that can work for many persons.



If you have a child that gets chronic middle ear infections, this is a good home remedy.  Take a small onion and crush it.  You can put it in your blender.  Take a ball of cotton and soak it in the juice of the onion. Turn your child’s head so the infected ear is up and squeeze the cotton to allow the onion juice to pour into the ear.  Onions are anti-inflammatory and they are anti-bacterial.


Hot Rice

Get a long sock that is clean, men’s socks usually are best for this.  Put a cup or so of rice into the sock and put it in the microwave and heat it for about 60 seconds.  Then put the sock onto the ear that is in pain.  This will remove the pressure that is creating the pain and if you do this often enough, it will cause the ear to drain the congestion.


Hot Baby Oil

A great ear infection home remedy is to heat some baby oil and then drop some of it in your ear.  Don’t let the oil get too hot or it will burn your ear.


Garlic Oil

Make some garlic oil as natural cure an ear infection.  First take a garlic press and run a couple of large garlic cloves through it.  Then put the garlic in a small sauce pan and pour on about an inch of olive oil. Put a cover on the pot and slowly let the oil warm for about an hour.  Don’t let it get too hot or the oil will burn.  Use low heat and do it for an hour.  Next get a piece of cheesecloth and strain the oil and put it in a mason jar or other clean jar with a lid and store it in the refrigerator.  To use it, put a little of it in a spoon and warm it over a low flame until it gets warm.  Don’t let it get to hot or it will burn your ear.  Put a few drops of this into the infected ear canal and put a cotton plug in the ear to hold the oil in.  Do this about every hour or as often as you feel you need it.  If you think you have a punctured eardrum, don’t use this.


Baby oil is a good home remedy for an ear infection. The best thing about his is that it is easily obtainable and costs very little.  Fill a spoon with baby oil and then put it over a stove burner to get it warm (not hot).  Next you put a few drops in the hurting ear and lay on the side opposite that ear. 


I know this is going to sound gross but it has always worked for my children. Put a couple of drops of urine in the infected ear.


When you are suffering from an ear ache, a blow dryer can be used to blow hot air onto and into your ear.  This really works.


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