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Fever Blisters Natural Treatments & Home Remedies



While this may sound a bit odd, treating your fever blisters with ear wax is a wonderful natural remedy.  Simply apply a bit of ear wax to the blister at the first onset of symptoms.  This should keep the fever blister from forming into a painful blister. 

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Because fever blisters are a form of the herpes virus, it's important to know what causes the virus to replicate in your body and what inhibits the virus from replicating (thus causing you fever blisters!).  Lysine has been proven to prevent the replication of the virus in the body.  Take anywhere from 500-1000 mg of lysine daily to keep the virus at bay.  Your dosage may vary depending on how frequent and severe your outbreaks are.  Lysine can be found at any store that sells vitamins and is affordable.

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Fever blisters can be treated by eating lots of folic acid and getting enough vitamin B12 and B complex supplements. 

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This mixture is a great natural remedy for fever blisters.  Combine 2 ml of carbolic acid (found in chemical shops, but if you can't find it, tea tree oil is a perfectly fine substitute) with 100 ml of Dettol.  Apply this to your fever blisters topically.  This should prevent future outbreaks and will help heal any current outbreaks. 


If fever blisters visit you regularly, try putting fingernail polish remover on the next one you get.  It will dry in a minute or two. Do this when you first start to feel one coming on.  I know this sounds radical but I have been doing this for quite a few years.  I put the polish remover on with a standard medicine dropper which you can get at the drug store.  Always it prevents the blooming virus from become a full blown sore.  If it turns into a blister before you can put the polish remover on it, then get a sewing needle and sterilize it with some alcohol and then use that to puncture the blister and let it drain.  Then put on the polish remover until it looks like the blister has stopped expanding.  After that put Abreva on it until it is completely healed.


OK so my first cold sore came online about 3 days ago and I discovered that fingernail polish remover will make the time to heal go much more quickly because it dries out the sore so much more rapidly.  It was totally gone in about one and a half days.  All that is visible is a tiny red spot.  Yesterday I was out in the sun all day long and my lips got sunburned.  This morning when I got up my lips were swollen and covered with bumps and I am not certain whether these are sunburn blisters, cold sores or fever blisters.  So I started right away with some remedies.  I began by putting ice cubes on my lips until the cubes melted away.  Then I poured a little alcohol on a wash rag and I held it on the bumps for as long as I could.  My lips were totally dried out from the alcohol so I cut off a piece of a leaf from my aloe vera plant and squeezed the gel onto my lips to re-moisturize them.  Now the swelling has gone down and the bumps have totally disappeared.  Another thing, blistex lip balm aids in getting the moisture back in and it feels cool when first put on.  So those are my fever blister home remedies.  Hope it helps.

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