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Laryngitis Home Treatments, Remedies & Natural Cures



Raw Honey

Honey is a very effective home treatment for laryngitis.  In fact, it can function in the same role as that of a patent cough syrup.  Honey is an astringent that will clear away inflammation and can address some of the underlying causes.  Raw honey will give you an energy boost and help your body to effectively use this energy because of enzymes it possesses.  Honey also provides some nutritional value that helps with the healing process.


Lemon, Honey & Cayenne

My recipe provides a wonderful home treatment for laryngitis.  First, you need to combine freshly squeezed lemon juice or raw apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of honey.  This combination of ingredients will provide Vitamin C and electrolytes that will help bring about a balance between the acid/alkaline in any unhealthy tissues.

In terms of amounts; you’ll want to squeeze the juice from one half a lemon, and an equal amount of honey will come to about two tablespoons.  Next, add this mixture to about a cup of warm or cool water.  Add about one tenth of one teaspoon of cayenne pepper to this cup of water and stir it all together.  The cayenne pepper is useful in breaking up mucus in and surrounding the swollen tissue.

Also, there is a fast that is the same as the above mentioned recipe except, it calls for grade B maple syrup instead of honey.  With this fast, you drink about twelve cups of this lemonade mix all throughout the day.   When your throat is so sore and swollen; this fast may be easier that trying to eat food.


Garlic Syrup

I’m an herbalists and I recommend this natural remedy for home treatment of laryngitis.  I’m talking about making your own garlic syrup.  This is how you do it.  Gather up several garlic heads and peel and chop the cloves off of them before putting the cloves in a jar.  Cover the cloves with an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and distilled water.  Really shake up this mixture and then let it sit for at least four hours.  Next, you need to strain this mixture and add the matching amount of honey to what remains.  Again, shake this up really good.  Put the lid on and put it in the refrigerator.  Now, you’re ready to take about one teaspoon up to one tablespoon every six to eight hours throughout the day.


Chicken Soup Home Remedy for Laryngitis

My natural cure for laryngitis is grandma’s favorite home remedy.  Yes, I’m talking about chicken soup.  All the herbs and vegetables make for easy digestion and provide nutrition.  There are natural antibiotic properties that promote healing.  I think our fore-mothers somehow intuitively knew about this.


Anise Oil Laryngitis Natural Remedy

I told my friend of my laryngitis and she told me about using Anise Oil as a viable natural remedy for treating laryngitis.  She took a swab and put some Anise Oil on the back of my throat and my voice soon returned!  Unfortunately, Anise Oil is the ingredient that gives black licorice the flavor it has.  So, the taste is the only downside of this type of home treatment.


Black Bean Soup

I sing for a living and recently discovered that eating black bean soup was the perfect home treatment for my severe laryngitis.  My singing voice dramatically improved in the first couple of days.


Cayenne Pepper

 My home remedy for laryngitis is to take a cup of hot water and cayenne pepper and to gargle it until the cup is empty.  I make a concoction of about three fourths water to one teaspoon of cayenne pepper.


Green Tea & Baking Soda

Green tea and baking soda will naturally cure your laryngitis. 


I was suffering from laryngitis and decided to just burn it out.  I took two Jalapeño stuffed green olives and ate them.  In only a matter of minutes, things were clearing up.  This is my suggested natural cure (burn) for laryngitis.


Hydrogen Peroxide

I haven’t seen anyone mention this home treatment for laryngitis; so, I thought I’d post this information.  For many years I’ve always gargled hydrogen peroxide for sore throats or laryngitis.  I’ve always been prone to getting sinus infections that end up attacking my vocal chords.  When I see that I’m starting to lose my voice; again, I gargle with hydrogen peroxide and this has an immediate impact.  The mucus buildup is cleared and I’m able to cough up what remains.



I tried using a massage device that also provides heat.  I massaged my throat area and my voice returned.  It’s looking like this may be a decent home remedy for laryngitis.  So far, so good!


Throat Spray

I was suffering with laryngitis and went to the local pharmacy and picked up some snore relief medicine.  After I sprayed my throat a few times; about five to ten minutes later my voice returned.  It wasn’t a complete recovery; but, it certainly improved my condition.  I think I may have stumbled onto a good home treatment for laryngitis.  Give it a try and see how it works for you.


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