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Mange Home Cures, Natural Remedies and Treatments



Dial Dish Soap

Dial dish soap is a great home remedy for mange.  Simply bathe your dog in warm water that has a lot of Dial dish soap mixed in it.  You'll be surprised by how quickly this works for your pets and gets rid of their mange. 

* * *

Calabash, Seawater and Lime

My dog was suffering through a terrible episode of mange and I didn't know how to treat it.  We tried what seemed like everything and it wasn't going away.  Not only was my dog miserable, but his hair had fallen out and I wanted to relieve his suffering.  So, I decided to make my own solution to treat my poor puppy.  I used two liters of seawater (any kind of salt water will do), half of a Calabash (you can also use a gourd or opo squash) with the flesh scooped out from the inside and squeezed into the two liters of seawater and three fresh limes that have been squeezed into the seawater and calabash mixture.  Strain the liquid and then pour it over your dog.  Do not rinse it off and allow it to stay on your dog's coat for two days.  After two days, rinse your dog and repeat the process.  This should be done twice.  You'll be so surprised by the wonderful results from this simply natural remedy for mange.  This is also a wonderful way to encourage growth of a new coat for your dog that is free of mange. 

* * *

Flea and Tick Shampoo

A simple home remedy that I have been using on my dog that is suffering from mange is regular flea and tick shampoo.  I will also occasionally use Head and Shoulders (yes, the human shampoo) on him and we've been pleased with the results.  I leave the shampoo on his skin for about five minutes and then rise his coat well.  I also love this home remedy because it treats mange and it also helps to soothe their skin and treats irritation and dandruff as well. 

 * * *

Iodine and Baby Shampoo Home Treatment

Try this simple home treatment if your pet is suffering from mange.  I like to mix one bottle of baby shampoo with two ounces of Iodine.  Mix these two ingredients together and then lather your dog in the mixture.  Leave this on their coat for about twenty minutes before rinsing.  This will stop the itching immediately and will allow the hair to grow back in a few days. 

* * *

Sump Oil

A great home remedy for mange is to coat your dog using sump oil.  This is great because it helps to remove the mites and this is what allows the hair to regrow.  You will want to follow the sump oil treatment with hydrogen peroxide to ensure that the mange is completely gone.  This is a great home remedy for mange. 

* * *


If your dog is suffering from mange, one of the easiest home cures is to simply brush out the fur.  This should be done regularly.  I love this simple home cure because it removes the scabs and scaly skin under the coat and helps to remove the mange from the animal. 

* * *

Yogurt with Acidophilus

One of my favorite natural treatments for mange is to use plain yogurt.  This is important because it contains acidophilus.  This is especially helpful if your pet is suffering from mange inside of their ears.  Use about two tablespoons and coat the inside of the ears as natural cure for mange. 

* * *

Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar

Mange can be treated using the simple home remedy of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.  All you need to do is add one tablespoon of it to your pet's meal and you'll quickly see an improvement in your pet's mange symptoms. 

* * *

Cooking Oil as Home Treatment for Mange

You can use cooking oil by applying it directly to the mange patches and affected areas on the skin.  This topical treatment works wonders at reducing the waxy deposits on your pet's skin that have been left behind by mites.  Cooking oil is also an awesome home treatment because it kills the waxy substance depositing mites at the same time. 

* * *

Hot Water and Lemon

Try this great natural remedy for mange.  Boil some water just like you would if you were making pasta or tea. While the water is boiling, slice a lemon and leave the peel on.  Then, drop the lemon into the boiled water and allow it to steep in the hot water overnight.  In the morning, pour the mixture onto your pet that is affected with mange.  You'll notice a big difference in their skin and relief will come soon.  Good luck!

* * *

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