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Eczema Natural Remedies plus Home Remedies


I’ve had problems with eczema throughout my life.  I went to the doctor and got a prescription cream.  I kept using it without success.  Finally, after going through six tubes, I gave up and just endured the eczema until it eventually went away.  About a month had past when one day I came across an article that gave information about eczema and the use of Noxzema.  I decided to try the Noxzema  and applied it to the infected areas a couple of times a day.  It started to have an impact immediately.  By the next day I could start to see improvement in my condition.  It took about two weeks, and my eczema was completely cleared up.  It also took good care of eliminating the discoloration that often accompanies eczema.  When you get eczema, just use the Noxzema twice daily until it goes away!



Vaseline Home Remedy for Eczema

If you are having some problems with eczema, I have a good natural remedy for eczema that I’ll share with you.  Get some original Vaseline, and not a cheap substitute.  Put a ton of it over the areas of eczema.  When you have so much thick grease on your skin, it won’t itch as much.  Just be careful when shaving, and be sure to avoid scraping any welts.  Good luck and I hope you are as successful as I am using this method.


Avoid Dairy

If you want some advice on dealing with your eczema, I have a few things to tell you.  First of all, avoid all dairy products.  Secondly, you should also avoid juices with high acidity like orange juice and tomato juice.  Also, you need to avoid peanut butter.  Always maintain your skin by keeping it moist all the time because episodes of eczema will be more severe in extreme cold or extreme hot weather.


Brown Vinegar Natural Home Remedy

I’ve had to deal with eczema for my whole life.  I finally stumbled onto a natural remedy for eczema given to me by my late grandmother.  You need to get some brown vinegar if you don’t have any on the shelf.  Take it and put some right over the affected area.  There are different ways you can use it.  You can take a bath and put some brown vinegar in the water.  For instance, this is good for areas on your back.  You can also soak a cotton cloth with the brown vinegar and put it on other areas.  It may sting a little in the beginning; but, this will go away.  I have been doing this for many years now with success.  My children inherited eczema from me, and I treat them the same way.  You might smell like a pickle and need to get something like a non-fragrance deep moisturizing cream like Eucerin.

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