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Menstrual Cramps Natural Remedies, Home Remedies & Cures



Feet on Wall

Lay down on the floor with your feet and butt to the wall.  Use your feet to push against the wall.


ThermaCare Pad

I really like the ThermaCare pads.  This is a pad that you wear all day long on the part that needs it.  I put one on my uterus and also on my back and they last about 8 hours.  This is one of the best menstrual cramps natural remedies I have ever tried.



One thing that works really good for cramps is bananas.


Vibrator as Home Remedy

A few weeks ago someone gave me a vibrating back massager.  So when I started having horrible cramping, I used the device on my stomach and I got a tremendous amount of relief from it.  It is one of those electric vibrating massagers.



I have read that basic yoga postures will reduce the pain of cramping.  I am not a yoga person but I tried out the poses they showed and lo and behold it really worked! I also like those heat patches.  I use them when I am at work and they provide a lot of relief.


Pet Cure

Lay down and take your small dog or cat and put him or her on your stomach.  The pressure of their weight and the warmth will sooth your cramping.  Also, the love goes a long way towards curing anything.


Pain Killer plus Hot Bath

My normal home remedy for menstrual cramps is to take a couple of midol or pamprins and then get in a hot bath.  Then I get out and lay down in my towel and put a hot water bottle over my lower abdomen. 


Milk and Honey

I have experimented with just about everything for my horrible, severe cramps but nothing would stop it.  The other day, one of my relatives suggested I have some milk with a tablespoon of honey when I get up in the morning.  The next month during my period I tried that and it worked great! 


Cool Air and Hot Water Bottle

Keep the air temperature on the cool side but have heat on your abdomen.  What I do is open a window and have a hot water bottle on my stomach.


Omega 3 Oil as Natural Cure for Menstrual Cramps

Avoid oils high in omega 6 fats as these fats encourage inflammation.  These are your common vegetable oils like safflower, canola and so on.  Take flax seed oil to get omega 3 fatty acids as these reduce inflammation.


Wall Stretch for Menstrual Cramps

Stand a couple of feet out from a wall and then lean on the wall with the palms of your hands and elbows against the wall.  Then push your abdomen in toward the wall and the back out.  Do this a number of times to loosen things up and reduce your cramps.  This is a good menstrual cramps natural remedy.



Exercise will reduce the cramping of your period.  Walking and sit ups are good.


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