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Enlarged Prostate Natural Treatments, Cures and Remedies



Ayurvedic Natural Treatments for Enlarged Prostate

Ushira (Vetiveria Zizanioides) – This herb is more commonly known in Indai as Khus or Khas grass.  The grass is densely tufted and can be found growing in the plains and low lying hills in India.  Different portions of Ushira are used for different remedies including enlarged prostate.

Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris) – Also known as Small Caltrop.  This is a traditional herb to combat inflammation and to give relief from urination problems.  It has the ability to decrease the burning sensation while urinating.

Khadir (Areca Catechu) – This herb is an aphrodisiac and is also prescribed to shrink an enlarged prostate.

Punarnava (Boerhaavia Diffusa) – Another common name for this is Hog Weed.  It is a standard prescription for all problems of urination that result from prostate maladies.

Goakhmundi (Sphaeranthus Hirtus) – Also called Globe Thistle.  This is a very good herb for treating prostate enlargement.


Homeopathic Natural Treatments for Enlarged Prostate

Causticum – When a person has urine loss as a result of coughing or sneezing, this points to the use of causticum.  When the urine starts to flow, the individual may experience a pulsation or feeling of pressure in the area between the bladder and prostate.  Causticum is also prescribed when orgasms do not create sufficient sexual pleasure.

Apis Mellifica – This is prescribed when urination gives a pain that stings and is even more pronounced when the last drops are passing.  There may also be discomfort in the bladder.  The prostate and surrounding area is sensitive to touch and swollen.  The individual may feel exaggerated symptoms in heated invironments such as a warm room.  Improvement is experienced when going out into cool air or from a cool bath.  These are all indications which suggest the use of Apis Mellifica for an enlarged prostate natural cure.

Chimaphilla Umbellata – When an enlarged prostate causes a frequent urge to urinate and urine retention, this is often prescribed.  The individual may experience the sensation of there being a ball lodged in the base of the pelvis or a feeling of swelling, soreness and pressure that increases when one is sitting.

Clematis – Often used when the enlargement of the prostate apparently has constricted or narrowed the urinary passage.  Urine will typically come slowly more in drops than in a stream with dribbling at the end.


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