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Enlarged Prostate Natural Treatments & Natural Remedies



Chinese Medicine Natural Treatments for Enlarged Prostate

One can get significant relief from prostate problems when the proper herbal remedies are applied.  Treatment is most effective in more cases when a diagnosis is made by a herbologist trained in traditional Chinese medicine.  If one does not have access to such a professional, then we can use a general guideline to know which two paths to take for an enlarged prostate natural cure.  Prostate problems can be of the “excess” variety such as acute inflammation or the deficient variety commonly known as BPH or benign prostate hypertrophy.

Excess Variety or Acute Prostatitis

This is usually caused by damp heat in the Lower Jiao.  Symptoms will include burning sensation when urinating, dark urine with pus or blood and strong odor.  Often the person’s pulse is fast.  This is the result of an infection by bacteria or viruses.  It is treated with herbs that clean toxins and remove heat and would include herbs typically used for inflammations and infections.

Deficiency Variety – BPH or Enlarged Prostate

This is caused by a deficiency of Kidney and/or Spleen qi.  Symptoms may include distention, pressure, urge to urinate frequently, pressure and dribbling of urine.  The pulse is often deep, weak and slow.  This condition results from a deficient condition and most often it is a deficiency of the Spleen or Kidney Yang.  Persons with Kidney Yang deficiency may also have lower back weakness, a feeling of being cold and tired and diminished sexual libido.  Persons with Spleen Yang deficiency may also experience loose stool and weak digestion.  Herbal natural cures would be used to Tonify (enhance) the Kidney and Spleen and to Astringe (shrink or constrict) the Kidney.  Chinese herbal pills for these conditions can be purchased on line if you do not have access to a trained Chinese herbalist.  The website of Dr. Shen is one such site to order enlarged prostate natural remedies.

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