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Frostbite Natural Treatments and Home Remedies



When the body is cold, you'll notice that the blood will leave your surface areas (like the feet, hands and other extremities) and will travel to your core.  If you wear lots of layers and dress in warm clothing, you'll keep your body core warm without having to deplete the blood flow to other areas of the body.  This is very important, as it is the fingers, toes and aforementioned extremities that are most at risk for being affected by frostbite.  Another good idea to prevent frostbite is to always keep spare coats, jackets and blankets in the trunk of your car when driving in cold weather.  If your car were to break down and you are without a source of heat for some time, these simple items can prevent life threatening injuries and frostbite. 

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Don't forget about your ears.  The ears are very susceptible to cold weather and temperatures and are very vulnerable to frostbite.  Be sure to always wear earmuffs or a warm hat that covers the ears to avoid frostbite.  If you do find that your ears are wind burned or over chilled, cover them as soon as possible.  If proper ear wear is not available, simply covering your ears with your hands is a great way to warm them up quickly.

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Hydration Frostbite Treatment

While it's always a good idea to drink plenty of fluids throughout your day, keeping hydrated is especially important and effective at treating frostbite.  Increased amounts of fluids in the body will increase the volume of blood.  This is very effective in preventing and treating frostbite.  Herbal teas, warm broth or hot cider are excellent fluids to consume to stay warm and prevent frostbite and hypothermia.  Be sure to avoid any beverages with alcohol or caffeine, as these will only constrict blood vessels and inhibit blood flow.  This can promote the chances of being affected with frostbite.  This is one of the most useful home remedies for frostbite.

* * *

Try your best to keep your skin dry.  If you must be out in cold weather, wear water-repellent clothes or sweat wicking fabrics that can keep skin dry.  The body cannot stay warm if cold and wet fabrics are held against the skin constantly. 

* * *

One of the best ways to prevent frostbite is to generate your own body heat.  If you begin to notice your hands feeling cold, be proactive before the frostbite sets in.  Curl yourself in the fetal position to generate a large amount of body heat, or try to place your hands under your armpits to keep your hands and fingers warm. 

* * *

When venturing into cold temperatures, wear mittens in lieu of gloves.  Mittens envelop all of your fingers into one pocket that allows them to use your own body heat to keep warm.  This is a much better protection against frostbite than gloves.  You may even be interested in mittens that have removable liners that can be dried out and cleaned apart from the actual mittens.  This can help keep the liners clean and warm. 

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Frostbite Aloe Vera Treatment Home Remedy

If there is tissue affected by frostbite, use aloe vera on the skin.  This natural treatment is very soothing to the skin for a variety of maladies and also helps to encourage healing.  This is one of the best home remedies for frostbite.

* * *

Tissues can be quickly re-built by consuming a diet that is well-balanced.  Frostbite can be healed from the inside out by eating foods that are of good quality and are rich in minerals and proteins. 

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Foods that contain a large amount of vitamin C will help to speed healing of frostbite.  This is a very effective treatment and helps the tissues to begin to quickly heal naturally. 

* * *

When tissues have been affected by frostbite, they will need to rebuild.  One of the best treatments to help rebuild these tissues is horsetail.  Horsetail has a very high silica content and this allows the tissues to rebuild quickly and helps to naturally and effectively treat frostbite. 

* * *

Teas are a great way to increase fluid intake and treat frostbite.  Try to consume rosehip tea (this is very rich in vitamin C, which will help tissues to rebuild more expeditiously), yarrow, sage, peppermint, fever few, and chamomile tea. 

* * *

Onion Poultice Frostbite Treatment

A fantastic old Norwegian home remedy for frostbite is to apply mashed onion poultice (be sure it is cold).


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