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Gout Natural Treatments, Home Remedies & Cures



A good natural treatment of Gout is to make sure to control your blood pressure.  It can be a double whammy to have both Gout and high blood pressure.  When you have high blood pressure, some common medication/diuretics for high blood pressure can raise your uric acid levels and worsen your Gout condition.  It is very wise to try and lower your blood pressure in a natural way.  Try to exercise, limit your sodium intake, and lose your extra weight naturally.


When you are under attack from Gout, a natural treatment at home involves just resting with the affected joint elevated.


Gout can be extremely painful and debilitating.  To help reduce this pain, you need to lower the amount of inflammation in the joint.  You can help achieve this by taking some ibuprofen.  It works as a good painkiller, and can reduce the inflammation.


Chinese Medicine as Gout Home Remedy

In terms of home remedies for Gout, there is a unique approach with Chinese medicine.  Chinese medicine sees Gout as a condition caused by a disharmony of the liver.  The belief is that the liver is closely associated with the joints and that Gout results an indication of having poor diet and experiencing stress.  Often herbs are prescribed to treat Gout and to reduce the uric acid level in the body.  Some of the herbs that are prescribed include:  turmeric, celery seed, marshmallow root, alfalfa, and ginger root.  In terms of diet, foods that are rich in potassium like spinach and bananas are encouraged.

Another treatment that is often recommended is to drink some Kombucha tea.


Cherries and Baking Soda Gout Natural Treatment

 A couple of years back I started to experience Gout and ended up taking a medication for it.  Recently, it flared up again and I really wanted to try a more natural treatment for my Gout.  I ate a can of cherries, and then mixed a glass of water with some baking soda.  After this, I started to regularly drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.  Now, I feel great!


Apple Cider Vinegar

I want to share what I discovered while trying to find a home remedy for my Gout instead of relying on medications.  I was told about this concoction and it worked.  What I did was to take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon of honey, and mix this with about six ounces of hot water for a tea to drink.  I was told to drink this tea a couple times a day.  I also drank some cherry juice and used some ibuprofen cream.  After doing this treatment, my symptoms died down within a couple of days.  Something that I really liked with this treatment was the use of the ibuprofen cream.  It is named homeopathic ibuprofen cream and you should be able to get it at any pharmacy.  It is supposed to be use on muscles and joints.  Before I go to sleep at night I rub some on my aching joints and it really provides relief.


Chanca Piedra

There is a home remedy for Gout that I find to be very effective.  It is an herb called Chanca Piedra and you 1000 mgs two times daily.  This herb works as a type of alkalizer and is also a gentle diuretic helping the kidneys and the liver.  You should probably take about a half teaspoon of sea salt to counter and replenish the minerals that you may lose through the diuretic effect.


Alfalfa and Cranberry

For many years I’ve suffered with Gout.  Many years back I took cranberry capsules and they helped; but, only to a certain extent.  After doing some research I came across the idea of taking alfalfa tablets.  They are supposed to make the uric acid leave your body through your waste.  Since I started taking the alfalfa, I’ve been attack free for many years.  In addition to the alfalfa I continue to take my cranberry capsules, milk thistle, and also include a multivitamin each day.  I’m also even able to eat all the foods that are bad for Gout and drink without any problems with this approach.



If you are experiencing painful Gout attacks, eating grapes and other types of fruit that have a lot of potassium can reduce your symptoms.  There are many ways to get your grape intake.  You can roast, grill, bake, or chill grapes and use them in appetizers, salads, or side dishes.  You can also just eat them straight up or use them in smoothies or mix them in other fruit or vegetable juices.  These drinks will help to keep the alkalinity in the blood and also the urine.  It has been established that eating grapes can lower your uric acid level in the blood stream and aid the battle in preventing Gout.


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