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Osteoporosis Home Remedies & Natural Cures


Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts contain vitamin K which is essential to bone growth and fighting off osteoporosis. You can also find vitamin K in many other foods, but Brussels sprouts are the best source to find it. You should eat your Brussels sprouts on daily basis so that you have the best chance of beating your osteoporosis. Make sure that you eat at least two cups of them every day and that you steam them so that way you can preserve all the good stuff like vitamin K.



Eat Your Broccoli

Broccoli contains high amounts of vitamin C and calcium which your body needs when fighting osteoporosis. Both of these minerals will help your bones stay strong and keep their mass so that way they don’t become weak and fragile. You should eat one cup or more a day in order for this to work. Make sure to eat it plain and not dip it into any sauce of any type.



Using horsetail to get rid of osteoporosis is one the most effective natural remedies that you can find. Horsetail is a natural diuretic that contains calcium which helps with the strength of bones and keeping the bones dense so they don’t lose any mass. It also contains silica which is a compound that also helps with the strengthening of bones.


Red Clover

Osteoporosis can be caused by a hormonal imbalance in women; this normally means that the estrogen levels are not balanced out. Red clover contains isoflavones which is a compound that can restore the proper estrogen levels to a female’s body. It will help stop you from losing bone mass. You can make tea with red clover just by adding two grams of it to some water and letting it stew for two or three minutes before drinking it. You should make this tea at least three times a day for best results.


Alfalfa Natural Cure for Osteoporosis

Eating alfalfa is not just for animals anymore, it’s for humans too. Alfalfa is an appetite booster that can help your body absorb more the nutrients from the foods you eat. This is important because you need to absorb as many nutrients as possible to help support your bone structure. You don’t have to eat alfalfa like animals; you can actually go to your local grocery store and pick it up in supplement form. You should be able to find it in the vitamin isle along with other types of supplements. Once you buy your alfalfa supplements, make sure to take it every day and that way you will get the full benefit of the alfalfa.


Alfalfa & Horsetail Tea

Making tea out of alfalfa and horsetail is one the most beneficial home remedies for a person with osteoporosis.  Both horsetail and alfalfa contain calcium which is great for bone structure and strength. When making the tea you should boil one part horsetail, one part alfalfa, one part sage, one part oats and one part peppermint. After you have boiled all of these ingredients in water for five minutes remove the tea from the heating source and let it stew for another five minutes. Once it has sat for the five minutes, drink eight ounces of it right away while it is still warm. You should do this three times a day, before you eat and the alfalfa will help you absorb the nutrients from your food.



One of the most natural remedies you can use to cure osteoporosis is by going outside and getting plenty of natural sunlight. Natural sunlight can give your body high amounts of vitamin D, which you need to keep your bones nice and strong.  You should get sunlight each and every day to help you get plenty of vitamin D. Spending ten minutes in direct sunlight each day without any sunscreen on will allow your body to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D. Do this every day and you will feel much better and will be able to naturally cure your osteoporosis in no time.


Water Exercise

Walking in chest deep water for thirty minutes every day is one the most effective natural treatments for osteoporosis. Walking in water will help build strength in your bones and help keep any extra weight while you are walking around the pool. Make sure that the water level is at mid chest height so that way you can walk with an opposing force while being safe.   



Boneset is herb that is fond to work wonders on osteoporosis and keeps it from affecting your life. This herb acts as many things for your body. For instance it can act as a decongestive, laxative, an anti-inflammatory, and diuretic which can help with your osteoporosis. The reason that all this stuff is good for your body is because it will loosen your phlegm, decrease any fever, and increase your body’s sweat, which will help your body to relax. Boneset will also help strengthen your bones and add mass to them, which will help prevent your body from becoming too weak. Using boneset is one sure remedy that will help naturally heal your osteoporosis.


Kelp Natural Cure for Osteoporosis

Kelp has been used for many years as a way to cure issues with the reproductive system and the skeletal system such as osteoporosis. This herb comes highly recommended by herbalists around the world as a way to naturally cure osteoporosis. You can find kelp at any health food store.


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