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Acne Home Cures, Home Treatments & Natural Home Remedies


Toothpaste Acne Home Cure

Use white tooth paste (not gel) and apply to the troubled areas.  Let this remain on overnight.  In the morning use an alcohol soaked cotton ball and wipe it off.  Repeat this several times until the acne is gone.  


Ice, Garlic & Green Tea

To treat pimples apply ice cubes to cool your face 10 min. straight.  Take a fresh garlic clove and cut it in half.  Put it on the pimple and leave it on.  If there is too much drying apply an oil free moisturizer.  Everyday eat garlic and drink a glass of green tea.  The outside should be cleansed as well as the inside.  Avoid dairy products, as this can aggravate acne.  This is one of the best home remedies for acne.



Honey Home Treatment for Acne

A good treatment for acne involves applying honey to only the affected areas, than cover it with band aids overnight.  Use an oil free acne wash and cleanse thoroughly.


Aspirin Paste

To treat acne:  Use warm water and wash your face.  Mix together water and crushed up aspirin into a paste.  Put the paste on the acne or your whole face.  Leave it on overnight.  This helped bad acne I had.  When you awake your face will feel nice, smooth, and silky.


Witch Hazel Acne Home Remedy

Dab witch hazel on your entire face with a cotton ball.  This process evens skin tone and gets rid of pimples.


Tea Bags

Take a wash cloth and soak it in a mixture of water, two tea bags, and one teaspoon of salt.  Microwave the cloth for 30 seconds and dab on your face.  Next lay the wash cloth on your face for three minutes.  The pimple redness will be reduced and your face will feel smooth.


Herbal Tea Bag

Drench an herbal bag in warm water and rub it all over your face.  Your face should be colored brown.  Keep this on for three minutes before rinsing with cold water and pat drying.  As the redness goes down. Your face will be smooth and even toned.



Take toilet paper or Kleanex and apply rubbing alcohol to the affected areas.


Vitamin C

To rid yourself of a really raised pimple acne, mix water and ½ tablespoon of crushed vitamin C to form a paste.  Then rub the paste on the pimple.  Make it thick so it doesn’t flake off.  Leave this on over night.  The toxins will be drawn out and dry up the pimple. This works better than tooth paste.  If you have extremely sensitive skin, don’t use this as vitamin C is ascorbic acid.


Sugar and Lemon Juice

This acne remedy will work wonders:  Take a little bit of sugar and mix lime or lemon juice.  Take a cotton ball and place it on the affected area…within two weeks you’ll see results!!!  IT REALLY  DOES WORK!  CAUTION:  At first your skin will sting from the lemon.  But it is very much worth it.  



All my life up until now, I’ve suffered some form of acne and I just turned 30.  Recently, I started using Oil of Olay facials Clarity cleanse and toner for problem skin.  Working like a miracle, containing salicylic acid it leaves my skin smooth and clear.  There are Neutrogena acne Solution Kits that also work well, but you can’t buy products separately when you run out. This is a very good acne home treatment.


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