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Back Pain Natural Home Remedies & Treatments


Chair Back Support

To help with back pain you should use the chair back support home remedy. All you need to do is roll up a towel or a sweatshirt and stick it behind you when you’re sitting for long amounts of time. This will provide some support for your and at the same time give your back some rest from sitting all day.


Carrying Things Close Home Treatment for Back Pain

This tends to be more of a preventative type of treatment. What this treatment requires is that instead of carrying things away from your body, you should carry them close to it.  When you carry things holding them out from your body it tends to put stress on your back, causing pain. When you carry things close to your body it actually makes it less tense for your back which won’t cause it so much stress. When you are moving lots of items you should always make sure to take frequent breaks to give yourself and your back a rest. Make sure to lift using your legs, not your back. Using your legs will help decrease the chance of pain.


Weight Loss

Watching your weight is another natural cure for back pain that should be used when trying to get relief. When you are overweight it tends to take toll on your back because it means you weigh more then what your body can support while you’re standing or sitting up. The best way to maintain your weight at a healthy level is to eat a whole foods, low-fat vegan diet. You should also get some exercise consisting of twenty to thirty minutes of heavy exercising three times a week or forty minutes four to five times a week of light exercising. 


The Ginger Root

If you’re at home and you are experiencing back pain and you want to find a home remedy that you can get to quickly, try ginger root. All you need to do is go into your kitchen and grab two ginger roots and slice them up into pieces and place them into a pan of water. Then place the pan of water and ginger root on a burner and bring it to a slow boil. After it starts to boil let it boil for thirty minutes and then remove it from the stove. Let it cool down and sit for thirty minutes and once it has cooled down strain the water into a cup and add honey to it (for flavor), then drink it. This home remedy is easy to do and it should help with your back pain.



If you need some relief from your pain you should try out the wheat natural remedy for back pain. Take an ounce of whole grain wheat and soak it with water overnight. In the morning add in an ounce of khas khas grass and mix them together. After you have mixed the soaked wheat and khas khas grass you should add an ounce of coriander, 8 ounces of water into the mixture and heat it on the stove. Boil the mixture until there is only one third of it left then drink it. This will help strengthen your digestive system and the rest of your body, including your back.



If you are at home and experiencing some back pain, go into your kitchen. In the kitchen, grab some garlic and cut off two to three garlic cloves and eat them. You could also use some garlic oil; all you need to do is cut out ten flakes of garlic and heat them with 2 ounces of mustard oil. Once it has been heated, remove from the stove and let it cool off a little but not too much because it needs to be warm. After it is at the desired temperature, use the oil for massage purposes and rub it on the part of your back where you are experiencing the pain.  


Mint Oil

Grab some mint oil out of your cupboard and rub it on your back on the area that is experiencing the pain. This will work wonders on your back and help reduce the pain that you’re experiencing.


Khas Khas Grass

All you need for this home remedy is some Khas Khas grass and a little sugar candy. Take these two items and mix them together and take them like medicine. If you do this on a daily basis it will help prevent back pain and may also help reduce the amount of pain you feel it happens


Raw Potato

If you would like some instant relief you can always try the raw potato remedy. All you have to do is take one raw potato and place it on your back in the poultice form. This has proven to work at getting rid of back pain and is the oldest remedy dating back over hundred years ago.


Chebulic Myroblan

This works great as something that most people have around the house for getting rid of pain in the back. You should try the chebulic myroblan natural home treatment after every meal. Chebulic myroblan is a very healthy fruit that you can pick up at your local health food store. All you need to do with it is break off a piece and eat it after every meal, which should provide you with instant relief from your back pain.


Vitamin C

If you would like a more natural way of getting rid of your back pain, try the vitamin C natural treatment for back pain relief. Take two hundred milligrams of vitamin C on a daily basis and in two to three days you will experience a major change in your condition. You can pick up vitamin C capsules in most grocery stores in their vitamin aisle. 


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