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Constipation Natural Cures & Natural Home Remedies   



For relief from mild constipation try this home remedy.  Get a short stool maybe 6 inches in height and put your feet on it while on the toilet so your legs and knees are moved toward your abdomen and chest.  Lean your body toward the front.  This makes it easier for the colon to move.  To get more pushing action, try coughing.  Many cultures in the world use toilets that are in the ground and one uses it by squatting over the toilet.  This makes it much easier to use the bathroom.  This is a good posture home remedy for constipation.


Apples & Orange Juice

This constipation remedy will not give relief right away but it works in the long run.  Eat lots of apples and drink a couple of cups of orange juice with the pulp everyday. 


Epsom Salts

Here is a constipation home cure that works really good! After several days of having that constipated feeling and after using a number of over-the-counter laxative preparations, I discovered Epsom salt.  Now Epsom salt has been used for this and other medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.  You can mix in about two teaspoons in a glass of water or juice.  Give it some time and it will work. It can take from a half hour to maybe four hours.  Most importantly it won’t give you that cramping feeling.  Don’t take more than two doses on any given day. Follow the directions.



Black Licorice

What works wonders for me is black licorice.  I get the stuff at the health food store so I know its made with real licorice and not synthetic flavoring.  This works better than laxatives or fruit and is gentle.


Milk of Magnesia

In the morning before you have breakfast, while your stomach is still empty, drink a full dose of Milk of Magnesia.  By dose we are using the little plastic cup that comes on the bottle.  Along with that, drink 1 ½ glasses of water and even more if you can do it.  No more than an hour later you will be having a wonderful bowel movement.  This is a reliable old standard home cure for constipation.


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