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Fungus Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Garlic Home Remedy for Fungus

If you ingest garlic, you'll notice a drastic improvement in any fungal infection.  Sugar tends to feed a fungal infection, to try to avoid any foods with sugar, as this can only worsen the infection.  Another great remedy that is used in Chinese cultures is baical skullcap.  This can be found in capsule form at your local health food store.  Baical skullcap is known to treat nine different kinds of fungal infections.  After approximately two weeks of continued use, you'll notice a big difference in your skin. 

* * *

Fungus Home Remedy using Corn Meal

Fungus can be treated at home using an ingredient as simple and common as corn meal.  To treat fungal infections with corn meal, simply soak the corn meal in warm water for about fifteen minutes.  Once the fifteen minutes has lapsed, soak the affected area for about half an hour.  While it isn't common knowledge, corn meal actually has very effective anti-fungal properties.  After a few treatments (usually about a week's worth if done once a day), fungus should be gone. 

* * *

Candida, jock itch and athlete's foot are all very common fungal infections of the skin.  Fortunately, each of these infections can be treated using simple herbal remedies.  Lemon grass (cymbopogon citratus), Lapacho (tabebuia impetiginosa) and marigolds (calendule offcinalis) are all excellent herbal remedies that have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  Not only do these herbal treatments help to rid the body of a fungal infection, but they also help to soothe irritated skin. 

* * *

Herbs for Fungus Home Remedies

Inflammation, itchiness, and irritation are all common side effects of fungal infections.  Herbs such as marigold, witch hazel, urtica urens (homeopathic) and bitter crystals (aloe ferox) are all very effective at treating these effective of herbal infections.  These herbs not only help to soothe the skin, but they are also great at treating and relieving fungal infections. 

* * *

Garlic is a great way to get rid of ringworm, which is a very common fungal infection on the skin.  While it's a good idea to ingest garlic in extra quantities in your diet, but you can also take fresh garlic cloves, cut them in half and rub directly on the area that has been affected with ring worm.  Try applying the garlic directly to the ringworm a few times daily and you'll begin to notice improvement with the infection within days. 

* * *

Neem Oil Natural Home Remedy for Fungus

A great cure for fungal infections is one hundred percent Neem oil.  This is a treatment that has been done for centuries in India for various skin problems.  While it's a completely natural treatment made from tree leaves, it's difficult to find in the United States.  You can probably find it marketed as a treatment for flea and tick repellant for dogs.  Apply the Neem oil to the fungal infection regularly and you'll find that it will help to cure the infection quickly.  

* * *

One of the most important things to do when treating a fungal infection is to keep the area clean and dry.  After cleaning the area with an antiseptic soap, dry thoroughly with a clean cotton towel.  This is very important as it keeps the fungus from growing and spreading.  Once clean, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and try attaching it to the affected area with medical tape.  Keep the cotton ball on the skin for approximately half an hour.  You may feel a slight burning feeling, but this is only the vinegar working at killing the fungus.  After thirty minutes have lapsed (or you can no longer stand the burning feeling), remove the cotton ball from the skin.  Dry well with a clean cotton towel.  Once the area is completely dry, apply tea tree oil to the fungus.  This should be done using a cotton swab.  This can have a soothing feeling, but will only soothe the skin of the tea tree oil is diluted with another type of oil like olive or vegetable oil. 

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