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Gas & Bloating Natural Home Remedies



A good way to prevent the onset of gas and bloating can be as easy as taking a little enzyme.  Go to your nearby health food store/grocery store or pharmacy and buy some Beano.  When you’re likely to have trouble with digestion, and the formation of gas from the food you’re eating; just take this gas-busting enzyme during your meal.  Be sure to take it while you are eating gassy foods and not after you have eaten.


When you experience problems with gas; try eating some caraway seeds.  The seeds and the oil that they have will get rid of gas.  A good way to eat these seeds is in caraway crackers or bread that has caraway seeds in it.  I’ve done this for years, and it has worked wonders.


Often people have problems with gas from eating beans because they have undercooked the beans.  Make sure to thoroughly cook your beans and this will reduce the amount of gas you experience from eating them.  You can make use of your pressure cooker and cook the beans for at least 30 minutes at 15 pounds per square inch on the gauge readout.


If you want to be pro-active and try to ward off potential gas and bloating; try creating a food diary.  This is a simple and painless home remedy for gas that you will value when you’ve completed it.  Pay attention when you eat foods as to which ones cause you problems.  Pay particularly close attention to known foods that may cause gas like cucumber, broccoli, ice cream, and many others.  Often times, we are causing our problems with gas from the food we eat.


Be careful of taking vitamin C in a tablet that is more then 500 milligrams.  This  will likely cause you trouble with gas.  If you feel the need to have in excess of 500 milligrams of vitamin C per day; then, eat some citrus fruits that have lots of vitamin C in them.  Also, potatoes and sweet peppers are great sources of vitamin.


I have a great natural remedy for gas that you can take care of in the kitchen.  Just make recipes that include pumpkin.  Eating pumpkin will cut down on the gas.  There are different ways to have pumpkin.  You can bake, steam, or even broil pumpkin.  Actually, you can even make pumpkin soup.


You can help to relieve your gas and bloating symptoms by eating some yogurt with acidophilus.  This will help with your digestion if the yogurt has some live acidophilus in it.  Give it a try.  It tastes great and also alleviates gas at the same time!


You can help to improve your chances of reducing gas by including cardamom seeds in your diet.  You can sauté them with vegetables, lentils, and rice prior to cooking them.  You also have an option to chew them in the pod form or put some pods in steaming water and create a tea.


The use of cloves is an excellent way of using a natural remedy for gas without going to doctor.  They really help step up the digestive process and eliminate gas.  You can add cloves to many things you eat.  For instance, you can add a couple cloves to rice before you cook it. You can also take two or three cloves and steep them in boiling water to make some tea.  You may want to add something to sweeten it up the taste.

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