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Gall Bladder Problems Natural Treatments & Remedies



As for gall bladder ailments, I’ll add my two cents worth.  I definitely avoid greasy foods like McDonalds.  In fact, I even struggle with eating salads as they tear up my stomach.  At night, I drink lemon juice and salt.  This seems to give some help with the easing pain.  I almost have continued gall bladder attacks that bring me to the floor in tears; but, without insurance, the doctors won’t remove my gall bladder.  They will only operate if I am at the point of dying.  So, in the mean time I am allowed to die of pain.  This remedy give me some support, I hope it is of help to you.


If you have suffered from gall bladder problems to the point that it was removed, this is for you.  My sister had her gall bladder removed and had to constantly use the bathroom.  For many years she inhaled Imodium; but, now she doesn’t have to.  She found out about a natural remedy that involved the use of a pro-biotic.  She now gets this pro-biotic at the health food store and has greatly improved her condition.  Give this a try and your system should calm down.


My natural treatment for gall bladder problems stem from what I came across when researching on the web.  After having several gall bladder attacks, I tried this remedy.  First, go at least six hours without eating anything.  Next, before you go to bed, drink six ounces of coke classic, and six ounces of virgin olive oil or flaxseed oil, cold pressed.   Also, drink at room temperature two ounces of lemon juice.   After having these drinks, go to bed and lay on your right side for half an hour.  Be sure to have your knees raised up close to your chest as much as you can.  By the next morning you should be able to start expelling gall stones throughout the day, and be free of the pain.


When you have a situation where you are constantly running to the bathroom and are having loose stools, you are likely having problems with your gall bladder.  Your gall bladder has a job of breaking down your fat in your meals.  If your gall bladder isn’t working properly; you’ll end up with loose and greasy stools and have to use a ton of toilet paper.  One of the best natural remedies for gall bladder problems like this centers on a gall bladder/liver cleanse.  Take one packet of liquid pectin to 32 ounces of water and drink four ounces of this drink.  Repeat this three times a day for up to a month.  After the first month has passed; then use one packet worth of these drinks per month.  You can purchase liquid pectin at your local grocery stores.  It is used with making jam or jelly.  Be sure to not get the powder form, only liquid.


Of the home remedies for gall bladder problems I heard, this is the easiest one.  Simply drink a few cups of coffee each day, and you’ll keep the gall stones away.  A friend told me of some studies that showed that drinking coffee for some reason was effective in lowering the risk of developing gall stones.  Evidently, only coffee, not tea or coke or other caffeinated drinks do this.  So really enjoy your morning coffee with refills, and stay stone free!


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