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Other Healing Resources

Gifts and Guidance

We offer gemstone, crystal, spiritual, healing & other gifts at amazingly low prices to customers throughout the world! Run by Nikki and Ewan, husband & wife, best friends & soulmates.

Alternative Healing

Dedicated to bring you the most up to date information on the internet on metaphysical health and healing.

RYSE Advanced Energy Education

Advanced training school in healing yechniques and education for energy healers and trainers.

The Halls of Reiki

Extensive information on Reiki, as well as training and correspondence courses, a book store, a hall of music where you can find music for healing, meditation, and yoga, and hundreds of links.

Healing Today

Offers Reiki classes in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and home study courses.

Life Flowering Healing

All your reiki energy healing and alternative medicine in Boston MA.

Reiki Montana

Devoted to Reiki, meditation and relaxation training, and herbal and natural healing.

Violet Rose Reiki

I am a certified USUI Ryoho Reiki master/teacher & Karuna Reiki © Master. For me, Reiki is not just energy, it is love, unconditional, pure, healing, restorative love.

Spiritual Absent Healing

Involves the use of energy vibrations to heal love ones and sick animals and is facilitated through spiritual guides and channelled through the healer onto the soul in need.

Where the Spaces Be'tween Things Speak

Spiritual heart-opening and empowering healing sessions, release & heal retreats, spiritual vortex journeys; healing tools, and much more.

Quartz Creek, Inc.

We sell natural quartz crystal points and clusters mined in Jessieville, Arkansas, which is reknowned for its powerful healing crystals.

Sacred Space Essentials

Self-healing using gentle forms of vibrational medicine, such as Bach flower remedies and other flower essences, to help create and maintain balance and harmony of the body, mind, heart and soul.

SimpleHealing UK

Offering facts regarding spiritual healing and spirituality that comes directly from spirit.

Crystal Healing

Amerindea's crystals, gemstones, animal totems and symbols. Connect with your personal totem.

Crystals Rocks and Gems.com

Shop online in our store for healing crystals or utilize our specialists or visit our specialists section to create a crystals and stone package, a distance healing sessions, Reiki and more.

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At the end of our lives, after all our successes and failures, the value of our lives is determined by how much we have loved.  - Amma

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