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Flu Home Remedies, Natural Cures & Natural Remedies



Tea Formula

One of my favorite home remedy teas for treating the flu is very simple to make.  This delicious tea not only tastes great, but is wonderful for bringing flu symptoms to a more manageable level.  To make, you'll need a quarter pound of seedless raisins, three ounces of ginger, three cups of honey, six lemons, four oranges and a gallon if distilled water.  Obviously, this will make a large batch of the tea, so you can scale the recipe accordingly to your needs.  To make the tea, combine water, raisins, honey and the ginger root together and boil.  Once the mixture has started to boil, bring the pot to a simmer and allow it to remain simmering on the stove for about an hour.  Be sure to skim the top of the water periodically while simmering to remove any unwanted waste off of the top.  After an hour, allow the tea to cool thoroughly.  Once the mixture has cooled, store in a well-sealed container and allow to refrigerate overnight. The next day, add the juice of the six lemons and four oranges.  Drink up to three glasses a day.  You'll love how tasty this tea is and how much better you'll find yourself feeling after drinking it regularly for a few days.

* * *

Severe cold and flu symptoms and infections should be treated aggressively with this strong tea.  You'll find that it's great at treating fever, and can help the body to sweat more, thus allowing the body to naturally cool itself.  To make this tea, I use one cup of each of the following: dried white yarrow, dried verbena, dried sage, dried spearmint, dried horehound, dried catnip and dried pennyroyal.  Mix all of the herbs together thoroughly.  To make one cup, simply pour some clean filtered boiling water over two to two and a half tablespoons of the herb mixture.  Stir the water and herbs together and then cover to allow the tea to steep.  Allow the tea to steep for a full ten minutes.  Be sure to strain the tea before drinking so that you aren't eating the herbs directly.  You may wish to sweeten the tea with a bit of honey.  You can drink this wonderfully healing tea every two to three hours.  If you are trying to make the body sweat even more, then drink the tea more frequently.  This should be done for a few days, or until the fever has broken. 

* * *

Chamomile as Flu Home Remedy

One of my favorite home remedies for the flu is to drink chamomile tea.  While chamomile tea is well known for its relaxing properties, this tea is also very good to drink to help with the flu.  This tea can help you to hydrate your body and also helps you to relax so you can properly rest so the body can begin healing.  Drink chamomile tea frequently throughout the day and you'll soon feel relaxed and over your flu quickly!

* * *

Mullein Flower

One of the best natural remedies for the flu can be made with mullein flower.  A tea made from mullein flower helps to not only relieve coughing, but can also soothe irritated nasal and respiratory passageways.  To make this great tea, simply boil a handful of mullein flowers in a pint of boiling water.  Steep the flowers for about fifteen minutes.  Once steeped, strain the tea and sweeten to taste with honey.  You'll love the pleasant taste and the wonderful healing properties of this tea. 

* * *

Relaxation is key when you're sick with the flu.  To help me relax so my body can properly rest, I love to take a soothing bath with herbs.  This is perhaps the best home remedy for the flu.  Simply add chamomile, rosemary, lavender and calendula to your bath water.  This can help soothe even the most restless person suffering from the flu.  Be sure to keep the water very warm and soak for as long as you possibly can.  This is a great time to be lazy and spend lots of time soaking in the tub.  Not only will the body benefit from the lazy soak in the tub, but you'll find yourself more relaxed and your airways will also feel better. 

* * *

While soaking the feet may not be your first thought when suffering from the flu, you'll find that a good foot soak is a great home remedy for the flu, cold and other respirator infections.  To make the best natural foot soak for the flu, simply add about a half of a pound of dried mustard to two quarts of boiling water.  Allow the mustard to boil in the water for about ten minutes.  After the ten minutes have lapsed, soak your feet in the hot water and you'll begin to notice improvement in your breathing and flu symptoms. 

* * *


Fever is one of the worst and most annoying symptoms of the flu.  Not only is the entire body suffering when a fever is present, but you'll feel fatigued and irritable.  To help reduce a fever, a tea made from basil is one of the best natural home remedies for the flu.  Simply use some of the fresh (preferably) or dried herb to make a tea.  Try to do this at the earliest stages of the fever as possible, as this will allow the body to effectively use the basil to reduce the fever.  If you wish, ground cloves can be added to expedite the fever reduction.  This is a great way to reduce fever associated with the flu. 

* * *

One of my favorite natural cures for treating the flu or cold is elderberry.  This can be purchased from any health food store, or from a reputable store online.  Look for a supplement that has been standardized and contains five percent total flavonoids.  Be sure to take 500 milligrams of the elderberry each day and your flu and cold symptoms will be greatly alleviated. 

* * *


Another one of the best flu home remedies can likely already be found in your kitchen.  Onion has wonderful healing properties, and is very effective when fighting the flu.  To activate its antiviral properties, simply steep raw onion in honey overnight.  The next day, you'll find that you've made some of the best homemade cough syrup.  The mixture should be taken at regular intervals throughout the day to help the body to fight the flu virus.  If you want even more effective anti-flu properties, add more onions to your cooking. 

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