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Cancer Natural Remedies, Alternative Treatments & Therapies


Dendritic Cell Therapy

Most every major cancer treatment center in the USA is proceeding with clinical trials involving dedritic cell therapy.  It is also being pursued at many centers in the world such as in Germany and France.  It is demonstrating significant and remarkable results.  The therapy is not yet available generally in the USA but it is in other countries. The cause of cancer and the failure of the immune system to kill cancer are related.  Cancer cells have powerful and unique defenses against the body’s immune system.  The cancer cells are undetectable by our immune system and the cancer cells can also prevent normal immune activity thus stopping any attack.  Dendritic cell therapy destroys these cancer cell defenses allowing the body to make an effective offense and to recover.  One clinic that offers this is the BioPulse Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.



Essiac Tea

Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse in the 1920s, was given a formula for curing cancer.  It was provided to her by a patient who had had breast cancer and was cured after being given the formula by an Ojibway medicine man.  Ms Caisse then used the tea to treat thousands of patients suffering from cancer. Caisse and her associates logged many astonishing case histories which support the claim to the tea’s effectiveness. Caisse was introduced to Dr. John Wolfer in 1937 who was then Director of the Cancer Clinic connected to the Northwestern University Medical School. Dr. Wolfer provided the opportunity for Caisse to provide treatment to 30 patients suffering from terminal cancer.  The process was supervised by five doctors.  At the end of 18 months, the attending doctors stated that Essiac tea had shrunk tumors, relieved pain and significantly improved the odds of survival for the patients.  In addition in 1937, Dr. Emma Carson, MD spent nearly a month evaluating the Bracebridge Clinic in Ottawa, Canada where Caisse had treated most of her patients.  Dr. Carson combed through over 400 case histories of cancer patients that had been given the Essiac treatment and who had recorded irrefutable improvements.  Dr. Carson stated, “The vast majority of Caisse’s patients are brought to her for treatment after [conventional treatment] has failed and the patients are pronounced incurable. The actual results from Essiac treatments and the rapidity of repair were absolutely marvelous and must be seen to convincingly confirm belief.”

Essiac tea is reported to reduce the presence of inflammation, elevate energy levels, reduce toxic drug side effects and strengthen the immune system.  Some of the main components of the tea are slippery elm, sheep sorrel, Indian rhubarb and burdock. It can be purchased on the internet.  Sheep sorrel is the most important ingredient and one must use the whole plant including the roots. Some offerings do not have the roots and the importance of the roots was clearly stated by Ms. Caisse. There is a good presentation of Ms Caisse and her story in the DVD Cancer the Forbidden Cures. Click here to read about Making Essiac Tea.



Harry Hoxsey was a folksy man who was given an herbal formula for curing cancer from his great-grandfather who made Harry promise never to deny it to anyone because of money.  This is a request Harry always honored and treated many people for free.  Starting in the 1930s Harry opened 17 cancer centers with the largest opening in Dallas in 1950.  At its peak the clinics were treating 8,000 persons annually.  Many people were cured and told their friends.  Harry was relentlessly pursued by the authorities for practicing medicine without a license and he carried a wad of bills at all times in his pocket to bail himself out of jail.  Harry was independently wealthy from oil wells and did not need the cancer clinics. The clinic continues in Tijuana, Mexico.  He had two formulae.  One was taken orally for internal cancers and the other was applied topically as a paste to lesions.  There are two great videos about Harry Hoxsey called Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime and Hoxsey: The Quack Who Cured Cancer.  You can purchase them on Amazon. The therapy continues at the Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico. It is continued by Harry's head nurse.



Dr. Rosy Daniel, who is the former chief of the pioneering Bristol Cancer Help Centre, is putting her reputation on the line by saying she believes Carctol, an East Indian ayurvedic herbal formula, could well be a cure for cancer – the most holy medical grail. The formula was originally put together by Dr. Nandlal Tiwari of Rajasthan, India.  He has been treating patients with cancer using this for over twenty years.  Dr. Tiwari has case files of 1,900 persons who were treated with Carctol.  Many of these patients were considered to be beyond medical help.  According to his records, one fourth of the patients had a 75 to 100 percent improvement.  One third reported up to a 75% improvement. Carctol seems to be particularly effective in treating and curing blood cancers and gastro-intestinal cancers.

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