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Cancer Natural Alternative Therapies & Treatments


Iscador (mistletoe)

Iscador is the commercial name for a preparation made from mistletoe. It has been utilized by physicians in Europe since 1920.  Iscador is made from certain fermented extracts of the European mistletoe plant (Viscum album).  Some of the preparations are blended with small quantities of metals to give anti-cancer results.  The preparation was originally conceived by an Austrian scientist, Rudolf Steiner, who was also the founder of anthrosposophical medicine. There are nearly 5,000 case studies reporting success in treating cancer with Iscador.  In experiments with animals, it has been discovered that Iscador markedly inhibits the formation of tumors, promotes immune system activity and kills cancer cells.  When Iscador is given by injection, the activity of NK cells and other various immune cells elevates significantly.  There have  been two scientific reviews of Iscador clinical research and both have stated that therapy with Iscador increases the quality of life, lengthens the life, shrinks tumors, causes cancer to stabilize and generally promotes the overall wellbeing of the patient.  Iscador’s effectiveness as a therapy for cancer is clearly supported by these findings:  (1) After 3 years, the survival rate for patients with skin cancer who took Iscador was 80 percent compared to 65 percent for those not taking it; (2) 75 percent of bronchial cancer patients taking Iscador were living after 4 years compared to only 35 percent of those not taking it; (3) persons with bladder papillomas not taking Iscador experienced a malignancy rate of 50 percent while the rate for those taking Iscador was 14 percent; (4) an 83 percent five year survival rate was realized for women with cervical cancer if they had surgery, radiation and Iscador while the rate was 69 percent for those who had radiation alone; (5) a significantly larger number of women with breast cancer treated with Iscador were doing well after 10 years than those who had none. 



Maitake Mushroom (Grifola)

Clinical researchers at the National Cancer Center in Japan demonstrated total elimination of tumors in approximately 80% of animals with cancer who were given maitake mushroom extracts.  Compounds in the mushroom enhanced the tumor fighting ability of NK cells and improved the response of antibodies. The researchers found that Maitake exhibited powerful action against cancer impeding both metastasis and carcinogenesis. Research with animals demonstrated the maitake supplements elevated the body’s ability to destroy tumors.  Compared to conventional chemotherapy, maitake showed better ability to impede the growth of tumors by 85% to 45%.


Chinese Herbal Treatment

Chinese traditional medicine often treats cancer with Fu Zheng therapy which utilizes herbs and especially ginseng and astragalus.  JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) reported that patients with rapidly advancing cancers who added Chinese herbal therapy doubled their life expectancy. Patients who had Fu Zheng not only lived longer but more easily tolerated their conventional treatment.


Healthy Diet

Healthy diet - No processed foods,no milk products at all (no sour cream, no ice cream, butter, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir) no sugar (except raw honey, or real maple syrup),  No GMO foods (corn, soy, no artificial sweeteners, No commercial grown meats, no sausage or lunchmeat,  no pork. Only use Reverse Osmosis filtered water stored in glass (never plastic) Avoid all foods stored in plastic, Avoid all aluminum, Use an RO (reverse-osmosis) filter on your shower.

First get your Vitamin D checked (blood test) and fix any deficiency, then make sure to get 20 minutes of sun each day, and/or take 4000 IU vitamin D3 daily.

Eat - Extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil  for cooking Coconut milk for smoothies & cooking Himalayan Sea salt to replace table salt Raw honey or real maple syrup for sweetening Whole grains, beans, split peas, organic nuts and seeds (no peanuts - they have lots of funguses) Fresh organic fruits and vegetables - salads, home squeezed juices, stews, soups, stir fry, chili, spagetti sauce, etc. Eat as much raw dark green kale, spinach, broccoli, etc. as possible daily.
Mushrooms, fresh or dried are high in cancer fighting nutrients.  Maitake mushroom is especially good - you can get this dried and add it to soup, stews, and sauces.
Spices, herbs, flavorings like natural vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, oregano, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, tumeric, paprica, etc are high in antioxidants and fight free radicals and have loads of phytonutrients sprinkle some on all your foods.

Avoid all plastics, don\'t use water stored in plastic.  Avoid microwaved foods, avoid deep fried foods - Never re-use grease.  Eat at least 50% of your  food raw (salads and juices, raw fruit, raw nuts and seeds, raisins, dates, figs, smoothies, etc.  Raw foods have natural enzymes your body needs.  Cooked foods stress your immune system.  You want a strong immune system -- Avoid  vaccinations and  antibiotics.

Supplement with real foods high in phyto-nutrients and  antioxidants.

Acerola cherry and citrus fruit for Vitamin C, freeze dried acai, mushrooms raw or  freeze dried are good in your cancer therapy, chaga makes a great morning drink and is high in antioxidants, moringa is one of the highest  antioxidant/nutrient  foods - sometimes called noni, green tea, nutritional yeast (you can sprinkle this in soup, stews, and over salads. 

Consult your physician before making any changes to your diet especially if  you take any prescription drugs. Submitted by Adri 3-14-2014


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